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Taylor Insulation Services' Commitment to Safety

Taylor Insulation Services is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for both employees and the general public in Calgary and throughout western Canada. Protecting the public assets of both clients and the public while also preserving the environment, Taylor Insulation Services values the safety of everyone involved on a job site as the top priority. With a robust safety program, Taylor Insulation Services places the health and safety of workers above all else, based on both a moral and legal obligation to our employees and the public at large, and has maintained an impressive safety record for doing so. Lost time incidents and property damage cost both the workers, the job site and the company, and every effort is made to prevent, mitigate and avoid dangerous situations which may lead to them.

Taylor Insulation Services is COR-certified and is an approved member of ISN®, ComplyWorks® and PICS, as well as being in good standing with WCB Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and BC.

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