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Vessel Insulation Services in Calgary and Western Canada

Insulated vessel


Insulating vessels of any size is a cost saving measure that will increase the efficiency of all operations. Heat loss prevention and temperature stabilization is achieved by selecting the appropriate insulating materials and preventing excess heat from radiating into the environment. With the proper materials selected, Taylor Insulation Services will provide a fully finished product that will both withstand the environment and stresses of day-to-day operations and maintain the optimal thermal efficiency of the system.

With a wide variety of tank wrap and insulating block materials available, Taylor Insulation Services can meet any requirements, selecting and using the products best suited to any application. All finishing work is completed with a jacketed system that will protect the insulation and workers. Metal fabricated products can be custom-built to fit any size of vessel, tank, exchanger or large bore piping in the field.


Ease of access to instrumentation is vital to ongoing operations and Taylor Insulation Services Limited is committed to employing the best means to allow optimum thermal conservation with easy access to vital systems. Systems both removable and permanent can be utilized to prevent heat loss and provide personal protection to workers in the area. Removable flexible covers and custom built hard cover removable insulation systems can be fabricated to fit anywhere in the facility.

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