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Pre-Clad Utilidor Panels and Pre-Insulated Panels in Western Canada

Utilidor buildings

Utilidor is a fantastic way of insulating entire bundles of pipes, buildings or vessels without insulating each line individually. Using insulation enclosed within a metal frame, pre-clad utilidor panels are fit together to provide a system that will provide both easy accesses for personnel during operations and excellent thermal and acoustical protection for the system. Custom-built for the job at hand with cut-outs, access hatches and doorways pre-installed, Taylor Insulation Services is able to provide their customers with an insulated system that is modular, reusable, reconfigurable and easily dismantled and modified for operational expansions.

Taylor Insulation Services also provides pre-insulated panels for large tanks and vessels, providing a quick and efficient means of insulating high-volume storage systems in a short period of time. With excellent weather protection and thermal efficiency, utilidor panels offer an excellent alternative to traditional insulation systems that can be installed, modified and removed based on operational requirements.

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